Installation 00

Occupy Legoland arrives in Bristol

day 0


installed: 14 April

location: OI HQ

day 1


installed: 15 April

location: Cycle Path

day 2


installed: 16 April

location: Overlooking Suspension Bridge, Somerset, Bristol BS8 9EW

day 3


installed: Date Apr 16

location: Clifton Down

day 4


installed: 18 April

location: Hotwells

day 5


installed: 20 April

location: Narroways

day 6


installed: 21 April

location: Ashley Hill bike path

day 7

London Lego People

installed: 21 April

location: London (a town up the M4)

day 8


installed: 26 April

location: Frome Riverside Path

day 9


installed: 27 April


day 10


installed: 27 April


day 11


installed: May 2nd

location: Bristol Bridge

day 12


installed: May 4th

location: Bristol City Centre

day 13


installed: 5 May

location: Johnny Ball Lane

day 14


installed: 5 May

location: Central Bristol, Waterfront

day 15


installed: 6 May

location: West Street

day 16


installed: 6 May

location: Ashton Court Estate

day 17


installed: 7 May

location: St Andrews Park

day 18


installed: 7 May

location: St Andrews Park

day 19


installed: 10 May

location: Pero's Bridge

day 20


installed: 11 May

location: The Bear Pit

day 21


installed: 15 May

location: Hamilton House, Stokes Croft

On October 15th 2011 the international Occupy movement hit the UK and camps sprang up in towns & cities across the country. Six months on Bristol plays host to an artistic event that seeks to understand this protest movement that saw over 1000 camps appear across the globe. From April 15th to May 15th 2012 a series of pop-up galleries and installations are appearing in Bristol’s public spaces, exploring the motivations and experiences of some of the people involved in Occupy. The installations show the images, words and concepts submitted to the project by protesters and artists from across the world. A team of Bristol based artists working with others in London are creating the installations. The Occupy movement is based upon the principal that public spaces belong to us and should be a place where people can meet, debate ideas and find solutions. In this spirit Occupation Installation will be playfully bringing these ideas into the public arena. Look out for words written in chalk across the pavement, anonymous walls turned into public galleries, stories strung on washing lines, underpants, voices speaking from suspended jars, flags flying and Lego protests.

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.




On May 15th a gallery exhibition will open at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft. This date has been chosen to mark the anniversary of the M15 protests that swept across Spain one year ago. The exhibition will show documentation of all the installations created over the month, it will show any pieces that have survived on the Bristol streets and will also display all the original source material that was submitted to OI. The exhibition will run from May 15th to May 31st. After this date an online exhibition will be displayed here.


Occupation Installation was made possible by the combined good will and hard work of people all over the world. Some have chosen to keep their contributions anonymous and OI would like to thank those people here –thank you! You know who you are. Occupation Installation owes a debt of gratitude to the following people for their support and contributions:

The Faces of the 99%

A fantastic project engaging with people’s individual experiences of economic injustice and putting political ideas into a human context.

Ben Chislett

for his vivid images from Occupy Berlin

Adrian Nettleship

for his portraits and interviews from Occupy London

Abigail Mcdougall

for her paintings of Stokes Croft and Occupy London Facebook: abigail mcdougall fine art

Angie Pickup

for allowing us to use her amazing underpants tent

Phil Evans

for his pictures of the demonstrations in Barcelona

Lisa Furness

for her photos and interviews from UK occupations

Occupy Legoland

for letting us use their idea & for supplying images and suggesting Lego slogans

Also a massive thank you to the artists and designers in Bristol and London who have worked so hard, without pay, to create an event that does justice to the amazing material we were sent